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"Concern About The Truth" - Karen AGHEKIAN

Regarding its birthplace, Armenian literature is quite sharply divided into the one, born in the lap of the Church and the other, born in the world. Aspects of the reality, interspersed into the works of historians and annalists of the past, evidently date back to the aspects of biblical prophets – this genre can be considered all-Christian. It differs considerably from secular aspects, being a part of political publicism of the New Time. In the first case, the mastery of imitation of famous Old Testament specimens, the mastery of their versification in a new way, was not less important than their correlation with reality. In the second case, such a self-sufficing thing becomes party spirit membership, the aim of coming closer to the reality, having predetermined measures. Therefore, it is impossible to perceive criticism turned to the Armenian community, stated by church and secular authors, separated by many centuries (for example, Aristakes Lastivertsi and Mikael Nalbandyan), as a socially and psychologically precise diagnosis of the actual for their time state of the nation.

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