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"Yervand Kochar. A bow to an obsession" - Ruben ANGALADYAN

Being in the thick of the crowd, his small figure was tense like a bird’s wing and his eyes were full of melancholy and irony. He looks at the spring sky exceedingly attentively, as if expecting a miracle from this whitish blue. Softly he sits down on a bench and starts to examine faces of people around him. A thought of Ortega y Gasset flashed through his mind, “… art is striven for exactly because it is regarded to be a farce… people suppose that new music and art are a “pure” farce in the worst of its senses…” The artist looked round. A carelessly laughing woman was standing in the center of the pavement. He shuddered. What unconcern in this world where everything is calculated and verified, where everything is collapsing…everyone escapes to his or her own world, and an artist has to catch and depict this world where all people are lonely as never before. But she, the young woman, has just been here and her life refutes his suppositions that the world is that lonely and cruel. As Ortega has it, “…a modern artist suggests our looking at art like at a game, in effect, like at a mockery of ourselves”. Kochar did not share this point of view… He did not notice how he stood up and crossed the narrow crowded street at a quick pace. The wish for arguing against the Spanish philosopher and himself dwelt inside. His small figure as a light angel was flickering in the flow of people…

14.03.2010 Ruben Angaladyan Average rating:5/5
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